Here at Framwellgate Moor Community Centre, we are always looking for skilled volunteers, like you, to make a real difference, and help us achieve our potential.

It’s a great opportunity to contribute to the voluntary sector,  and allowing us to utilise your skills, means we can often take on new challenges and make a difference to our community. It’s a great way to use a skill in a different way to your daily life. If you would relish the variety and stimulation that skilled volunteering can bring, then were  for you.

Our volunteers are varied, some are retired, others are not in work or on career breaks, many are working either full or part time. We have volunteers of all ages across the Community.

It may be that you are interested in a particular area dealing with the public, such as dance, catering, elderly in the community, the environment or the arts. You may be an accountant wishing to transfer your valuable experience to a  treasurer’s role.

You may have many hours to spare during the week or an hour or two in the evening. You may be able to volunteer your skills while at work if your employer has an employee supported volunteering scheme. Perhaps one of our projects appeals to you, or the fixed term position of a trustee appointment, others prefer an ongoing role. You can choose to get involved around your individual needs and passions. We would love to hear from you if you have experience in  IT, marketing, social media,  accountancy,  finance, graphic design, business or many other areas…….

Please download and complete the Volunteer Register of Interest Form: